D.C. Restaurants Blog

With Triumphus Interiors’ primary service area being in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, the team here at Triumphus is certainly familiar of what the metro area has to offer. Every weekend, when the team convenes for a weekly design analysis consultation, it has become tradition to convene at various restaurants throughout the local area. The entire team being so well versed in hospitality interior design, and having robustly developed gastronomic palates, enjoys a well designed restaurant with exceptional cuisine; cause when the food is exceptional and the design is exceptional, it will result in an exceptional dining experience.

Here in our index of restaurants, you will find restaurants with well prepared cuisine, in addition to our rating on the design of the cafeteria, and an overall review of the restaurant (food, service, and design). And as the team enjoys a more traditional experience in restaurants, the overwhelming majority of our selections are sit down, ‘mom and pop’ / ‘hole in the wall’ places that have been there for years. If you are looking for that unique little restaurant you know you can get a good meal at (with reasonable prices), with all the charm and quirks, you are in luck! We are frequently in search of the next great restaurant to put on our list, so our comprehensive index provides you with what we have found to be the best of the best, or at lest places we would go back to.



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