Commercial / Hospitality Interior Services

Triumphus Interiors is an award winning full service interior design firm based in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. Established in 1981, the firm has completed a wide variety of interior design projects including Restaurants, traditional & contemporary corporate offices, sophisticated boutique hotels, public and governmental Institutions, and personalized private residences.

Experienced residential interior designers, office interior designers, and hotel interior designers servicing the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area has provided a diverse and comprehensive knowledge as professional interior designers. We take pride in our ability to deliver quality interior design to our clients and provide service that is unmatched, regardless of the project size.

Our Design Process:

The design team at Triumphus works directly with the client to develop a desired design or style for the prospective space, which then enables the team to create a highly customized setting for the space. Once all details are finalized and official quote for the project is established, the team coordinates and assembles all resources necessary for the project. Because the Triumphus design team maintains substantial experience in the execution of a interior design projects, the team works seamlessly with contractors to complete the project in a timely and conservative manner. Our goal at Triumphus is to deliver the client with an outstanding, flawless, and high quality design within a conservative timeframe.

Our Styles and Themes:

With a diverse team of designers at Triumphus, we have the resources to deliver numerous notable design styles to fit todays fashions, while still preserving a sense of “style diversity” to assure that your project will remain “in vogue” for years to come.

  • Hollywood Regency
  • Art Deco
  • Mid Century Danish
  • Contemporary
  • Classic / Heritage
  • Eclectic
  • International Themes
  • Oriental
  • French Provincial (Louis XIV)
  • 80’s Glamour
  • 70’s Mediterranean

Example Projects :

Commercial and Hospitality are two very general areas of interior design. Over the years, the Triumphus team has exhibited their excellence in projects throughout the commercial and hospitality realms.

  • Office reception areas
  • Office building mezzanine
  • Hotel lobby
  • Restaurant dinning rooms and areas
  • Restaurant / Hotel restrooms
  • Interior and exterior ambiance / environment lighting
  • Hotel rooms
  • Shopping center “convenience seating areas”
  • Managerial / Executive office spaces
  • Customized window treatment applications
  • Customized wall covering applications
  • Customized floor covering applications
  • Retail floor space areas
  • Water feature applications
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