Commercial / Hospitality Interiors Production

Traditionally, household consumers acquire their home wears from department stores and storefronts, usually in individual quantities. When it comes to a hotel or large institution with many multiples of varying furnishings, it may not be as economical to purchase said furnishings, via the same route a consumer may go about such task. In as much as consumer products may not have sanitary or efficient features for continuous use.

When hotels, or any largely furnished institution for that matter, need to update or furnish an establishment, they choose Triumphus. At Triumphus, we specialize in the custom manufacture of interior furnishing goods. Projects large or small, the design associates at Triumphus work closely with the client to create a product that is highly representative of the space that is under evaluation. Additionally, we keep in mind the areas of use for the product, and how to develop a design that is streamlined and sanitary, so the decor will be able to be cleaned efficiently and still maintain its appeal.

Examples of utilizing Triumphus production, but are not limited to:

  • Uniform fruit bowls, Ie. 200 room hotel
  • Customized fabric ‘pinch pleat’ curtains for varying size windows, Ie. 150 room hotel or office building.
  • Ceiling light fixtures, ie. 300 room hotel or office building, Ie. 60 pcs. building corridor.
  • Unique/custom designed table lamps, Ie. 75 room hotel
  • Custom design duvet covers, Ie. 250 beds, Eg. King, queen, etc.
  • Sanitary ice buckets, Ie. 50 room motel
  • Designer refreshment trays, Ie. 225 hotel room
  • Custom Lobby/Mezzanine artwork installation
  • Large Lobby/Mezzanine custom chandelier(s)
  • Framed artworks, Ig. 100 rooms
  • Hotel room artworks, Ie. 30 rooms
  • Custom fabric throw pillows, Ie. 350

Here at Triumphus, we strive to support our clientele with a well representative and economical design, while focusing on key areas of product usage, and customization for exclusive hospitality/commercial usage. If you are a hotel design coordinator or buyer, please feel free to contact us to discuss your prospect project. With an experienced design team at Triumphus, there is no project too small, or request too obscure that cannot be arranged. Importantly, if these products are ordered in quantities over 10, a comprehensive discount will be applied due to bulk pricing, so that design is not sacrificed because of factors like cost.


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